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Lime Rock Park Recap: New Challenges

Last weekend was the sixth round of the IMSA Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge Championship at Lime Rock Park. I had never been to this track before other than on iRacing. Going to a new track was not a new challenge, however Lime Rock Park is not comparable to any track that I've been to. 

Lime Rock has one left hand corner which means the car can be setup to focus on the right hand corners. The track is only a mile and a half long yet it still has a fifth gear straightaway. Not to mention that "West Bend" is the only flat corner. On top of all of that, the lap times are about a minute long. This is a critical part of "solving Lime Rock." The average speed is around 90 mph and mistakes add up quickly.

When I got to the track on Thursday, my co-driver Devin Jones, Tom Long, and I did the track walk. I though to myself, "How could such a little track be so technical?" The banking in the corners meant that we could carry HUGE entry speed. This took some getting used to during practice. 

Devin did an awesome job in qualifying, starting the race 12th. This was a great place to start from as we knew we had a car that would perform in the long run. Devin kept the car perfectly clean for me to take it to the finish. He brought the car in 9th position and I was felt confident in the car.

I fought to seventh position until ST lap traffic came into play. I unfortunately could not get the car to a deserving top five finish. The car came out of the race without a scratch so I think everyone was happy about that. 

This was a challenging weekend because of the new and extremely unique track as well as the fact that this was my first time as a finishing driver. Every race has new challenges and new things to learn. This was especially the case at Lime Rock Park.