News From Britt Casey, Jr.

Road Atlanta Recap

This past weekend was the final race of the 2014 IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. The schedule was very long so it required me to leave home Monday night. I can't thank my teachers enough for assisting me with giving me the assignments ahead of time. This was the first time this year that I was gone for almost a full school week. 

The test day on Tuesday consisted of minor adjustments to the car with spring changes and shock adjustments. The goal for me was to be able to have a consistent car during the race. I have to thank the whole Freedom Autosport crew for giving Christian Szymczak, who is the reigning MX-5 Cup Champion, and I a "well behaved" car for the race. Also a huge thank you to my teammate Andrew Carbonell for helping me lower my lap times with going through data and video.

I had managed to qualify 18th after I made a few mistakes during qualifying. I knew we had a faster car than what I had qualified so I was very excited to see how the race played out. During my stint, I had a very fun time racing with my teammate Randy Pobst. Later on, it became a very hard fought battle with one of the Bimmerworld cars. The MX-5's are very fast from the braking point to apex while the other cars are stronger off corner down the straightaways. It was very educational to race against a car that made it's speed in a completely different way than I did. After a little bit of confusion with the driver change, Christian brought the car home in 16th. A solid result to another very educational weekend for me.

These past nine months have been life changing for me and my career in racing. I could only dream of having the opportunity that I have if it wasn't for Glenn and Tom Long giving me a chance to prove myself back in March of this year. Freedom Autosport has been fantastic with helping me improve my skills and learn how to drive in a professional series. The car chief of the #27 car, Eric Arms, could not have been more helpful with listening to my diagnosis of the car and teaching me more about car setups every time we talked.